Welcome to Care One Dental

Care One Dental offers high-quality, conservative dental care in a professional, warm, and friendly atmosphere.

Drs. Belotserkovsky, Negrin and Sarris blend advanced techniques and technology with compassionate, patient-focused treatment. Along with the team, the doctors strive to humanize the dental experience, so patients know they are cared about, personally.

Among the comprehensive dental services offered at Care One Dental are:

Learn more about Care One Dental by scheduling a complimentary consultation at their Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, or Boca Raton, FL office. No pressure or sales pitch, they promise! Instead, an honest conversation, where they will learn about your expectations and develop a personalized treatment plan to get you to the beautifully healthy and radiant smile you deserve! Schedule, today!

General Dentistry

From preventive treatments to relieving pain, restoring oral health and function, and enhancing your smile, Care One Dental offers the advanced, personalized dental solutions you desire!

Cosmetic dentistry

Smiles are core to who you are and how you express yourself. Smiles open doors, foster connections, and set others at ease. If you’re ready for a smile that radiates beautiful confidence, we’re ready to make that smile a reality!


Innovative, effective, and customized, Invisalign® clear aligners gently shift teeth to improve the bite and aesthetics. Invisalign is the clear, convenient, and comfortable orthodontic treatment option to achieve the beautiful smile you desire!

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth – molars found at the very back of your mouth – are prone to impaction. This can lead to gum tenderness, swelling, pain, and infections. Extracting wisdom teeth is a routine procedure in our practice and we make the process worry-free!


If you’ve lost a tooth or a few teeth due to injury or disease, a dental implant can restore your oral health. An implant is a synthetic tooth root placed in the jawbone with a replacement tooth attached to the implant. Your new tooth will look and function naturally, improving your quality of life and smile!

Oral Surgery

Care One Dental offers oral surgery services, including extracting wisdom teeth and preparing and placing dental implants. We utilize state-of-the-art technologies and techniques for treatment planning and during surgery, ensuring predictable, healthy results!


If you’re uncomfortable with appearance of your smile, due to gaps, chips, stains, or misshapen teeth, veneers might be the answer you’re seeking. These tooth-colored shells cover the front of your teeth, for the stunning smile you desire!


Care One Dental is pleased to provide Botox® for our patients. In addition to its efficacy in treating TMJ-TMD and headaches, Botox can be used to remove fine lines and wrinkles, giving you a healthy and more youthful appearance!

“The staff is wonderful, friendly, and informative. I had my first appointment yesterday and was very pleased with how everything went! Loved the experience and will be back for my follow up appointments!”


“Everyone in the office is incredible. I can’t say it’ll ever be a good experience going to the dentist, but they work so hard to make it as good as possible.”


“Great staff! Great prices! He is now my forever dentist! I Truly can't express how great this place is. Went in for a cleaning and left with my chipped tooth fixed! It was very emotional for me and they made it such a great experience. Thank you”

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