Meet Dr. Fox

Dr. Donald Fox was born in Richmond, Virginia. It was in fourth grade, while at a picnic with Dr. William Crockett that he decided to become a doctor. Dr. Crockett, a leading instructor at the Medical College of Virginia Dental School, helped Dr. Fox focus to stay in school and become one of the most talented Orthodontists in the United States.

After he graduated from Hermitage High School, he attended the University of Richmond, Virginia and researched how to repair damaged DNA in bacteria with visible wavelengths of light. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry.

Dr. Fox took graduate courses in histology (the study of cells), embryology (the study of how cells form and how they go on to make organs and other tissues) and many other courses. It was during this time when he discovered aspirin and acetaminophen can cause birth defects if taken while pregnant.

Dr. Fox entered dental school, achieved numerous awards and graduated #1 out of a class of 115. He received The American Cancer Society Award for the highest scores on pathology examinations over a two year period. He received the Southeastern Board of Prosthodontists Award for outstanding achievements, contributions and performance in prosthodontics (false teeth). He was recognized for his research with Dr. Robert Campbell, Oral Surgeon, of patients who experienced numbness in their lower lip and chin after jaw surgery, wisdom teeth extractions and broken jaws. For this he was awarded The American Dental Society of Anesthesiology Award.

In his spare time, Dr. Fox goes to NASCAR races, football, basketball and baseball games. He has even donated tickets on the finish line of races to Hendricks Motorsports that in turn were given to children with Leukemia and other health problems so that they may enjoy the races. Many times he gave his personal seats to these children. Yes, he is an avid Jeff Gordon fan way before Jeff Gordon was popular.

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